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Do You Need A Valuation Of Property?


Even if the judge’s illness had been an insurmountable obstacle, more effective liaison by WCC with the Court of Appeal might have spared Ms Q the considerable stress. trouble and cost of trying to resolve the problem on her own and avoids the need for her to keep chasing WCC for progress right up to the deadline set by the Civil Appeals Office for her to obtain the relevant evidence. On 19 and 21 December they belatedly sent her a description of their actions and on 17 January 1996 the courts administrator replied to her letter to them.

Different type of demands are subjected to the process of Valuation of Property. Through the process of building and pest inspection process property can be maintain in well manner for long time. Acknowledging that she had received an unacceptable standard of service; however, those letters did not acknowledge the full extent of WCC’s culpability.

Ms Q understandably remained unconvinced about CS’s willingness to address the systemic and management issues raised by her complaints. CS have since offered assurances concerning improved procedures for tape logging and file handling at WCC. The then Chief Executive of CS has referred to a new computer system which is expected to improve matters nationally. I note those assurances but note also that Ms Q’s is not the only case under investigation by the Ombudsman involving complaints about administrative failings by WCC.
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Due to various types of inspection cause for the damages to the property can be known to the property holder. The demands for well maintenance of any kind of property are suitable to the process of building and pest inspection. Risk which do destruct to the property can be escaped through the process of inspection. In view of that it seemed to me that Ms Q’s assertion that there were particular difficulties there calling for intervention by CS deserves further consideration.